Gain An Early Mover Advantage
Scale Content Delivery In Emerging Markets

Emerging markets often have fast-growing economies, offering the potential for high returns on investment.

Accelerate Access In High-Potential Places

Some markets are more challenging than others, and content delivery costs vary drastically.

Partner with a CDN that knows what it takes to deliver content fast in emerging markets and is honest about the costs to get you there.

South America

Scale Gaming and Entertainment

South and Central America are predicted to be a significant emerging market over the next five years, especially in gaming and entertainment. That’s why CacheFly has made a huge commitment to LATAM over the last few years to expand our footprint in this market. We’ve navigated the complex government attitudes, tariffs, and laws, and we understand how the LATAM market operates.

Market Highlights

  • An increasing number of viewers and gamers
  • Internet penetration over 72%
  • Mobile-driven OTT media on the rise
  • 50% of e-commerce transactions happen on mobile devices

Why CacheFly?

  • CacheFly has the best throughput in South America
  • PoPs across Central and South America: Sao Paulo, Bogota, La Paz, Buenos Aires, Lima, Santiago de Chile, El Alto, Mexico City, Fortaleza, Queretaro and Rio de Janeiro


Tap into Massive Growth

IP traffic in the Asia Pacific is growing year-over-year by 25%, and Australia is no exception. But many network operators struggle to cover the entire Australian continent owing to a lack of early investment in the region. With three strategically placed PoPs in Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney, this isn’t a problem at CacheFly. If you’re considering expanding your business to serve more Australia content, CacheFly is the obvious choice as a CDN partner. We outperform the competition while acting as your strategic partner for network decisions.

Market Highlights

  • 88% of Australians are active internet users
  • eCommerce industries, such as online pet and food retailers, are among Australia’s fastest-growing industries.
  • Broadband speeds in Australia have nearly doubled over the last five years

Why CacheFly?

  • Fastest throughput owing to 3 strategic PoPs: Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney
  • Strategic partner for network decisions in Australia


Deliver Content Faster for Mobile

With one of the world’s fastest-growing consumer economies, enormous mobile content consumption, and many business operations tied to the west, India is a market that cannot be ignored. By providing edge-optimized content tailored to the mobile market and dedicated transfer and caching solutions, CacheFly has your needs covered in the Indian market.

Market Highlights

  • The world’s second-largest Internet market, behind China
  • Over 500 million Internet users
  • 400 million are active on social media
  • Highest per capita mobile data consumption in the world

Why CacheFly?

  • Competitive pricing in an expensive market with global bundling.
  • PoP in Mumbai for lightning-fast in region delivery.

The Middle East and South Africa

Serve Content-Starved Regions

In regions hungry for content and a unique need for it, countries like Saudi Arabia and South Africa can be essential for global growth. The regions’ geography dictates that real speed can only be achieved through network services built into local infrastructure. CacheFly is already there, providing any company the ability to deploy their applications locally and provide a level of speed, reliability, and scale above and beyond their competition.

Market Highlights

  • 91% of internet penetration in the UAE
  • Huge untapped potential for OTT platforms
  • The growing popularity of online games: 65% of smartphones are utilized for gaming, and desktops/ laptops are 30%, and 24% for gaming consoles.

Why CacheFly?

  • With PoPs in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; Johannesburg, South Africa; Doha, Qatar; Istanbul, Turkey; and Tel Aviv, Israel CacheFly has a substantial Middle Eastern and African presence.

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Custom-Designed Solutions

Our CDN experts will work with you to design a custom set of solutions to fit your technical and budgetary requirements. Simply tell us the traffic performance and terms you need, and we’ll make it happen.

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CacheFly just works. Our users don’t have to think about how they get our programs; they just do, fast and easily…the show must roll and CacheFly keeps them flowing without a hitch.

Leo Laporte, Founder, Owner & Host, TWiT.TV

CacheFly has exceeded our expectations on every level, from the technical operation of the actual service to the top-notch support staff and their responsiveness. I don’t believe our CDN has ever suffered noticeable downtime.

Jason Marlin, Director Of Technology, Ars Technica

Cachefly stood above the competition with their sensible and affordable pricing, clean interface, and straight forward API. And in 10 years, CacheFly has never failed to deliver (both literally and figuratively).

Dan Benjamin, 5by5