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New Developer Updates Announced from CacheFly

At CacheFly, we're constantly innovating to ensure that your web content delivery experience is faster, smarter, and more secure than ever before. We're thrilled to announce a host of powerful new features designed to revolutionize the way you deliver online content. Image Optimization 4.3.0: Enhancing Performance, Simplifying Configuration Our latest

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Revolutionizing Web Content Delivery: Exciting New Developer Updates from CacheFly

Introducing Enhanced Features for Faster, Smarter, and More Secure Online CDN Experiences Exciting times are ahead! At CacheFly, a leading CDN service provider, we are thrilled to announce a suite of powerful updates designed to make online content delivery faster, more efficient, and more secure.  Our new features, including Cache

  • New Portal Main Page

Smart Image Optimization Service

  Dear CacheFly users: We are pleased to announce the launch of CacheFly's Smart Image Optimization service, a remarkable solution for enhanced image processing. This service allows dynamic transformation and optimization of your images, ensuring faster loading times, improved user experiences, and reduced bandwidth consumption.   What does it do?

  • New Portal Main Page

Cachefly Portal Update

  Dear CacheFly users,   The Cachefly team has been hard at work with ongoing improvements to the customer portal.  New features are being made available to better serve customers and provide even more options. Portal upgrades will be going live across all accounts in the coming weeks.   What

New PoP Update – Lithuania

As part of our aggressive expansion plans for 2021 CacheFly has now launched a new PoP in Vilnius, Lithuania. This PoP was strategically placed to further solidify ourselves as the best CDN for throughput in Europe. We keep the end-user quality of experience (QoE) in mind, so our customers don’t

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