AirPlay streaming applications come to Apple TV

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October 10, 2013

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The AirPlay feature has long been a selling point of the Apple TV device, and the service has recently received several upgrades that allow for better streaming from streaming applications on iOS devices.
Previously, if you wanted to stream video that you purchased on iTunes, you would have to be connected to Wi-Fi and stream the content from your iPhone or iPad directly to Apple TV. However, Apple recently announced that they are going to allow users to begin streaming content from iCloud. Though you will still need your iOS device for authentication purposes, you will no longer have to worry about draining your device’s battery during long movies. Once the content is verified, Apple will switch to the iCloud streaming app automatically. The result is a fast and seamless streaming experience that allows Apple to authenticate purchases without as much input from users.
In addition to this improvement, Apple has also begun to allow streaming applications that exist only for the iOS platform to stream content to Apple TV. The first example of this is Amazon Prime Instant Video. Users who have the Amazon Prime Instant Video app for iPad or iPhone can now stream video directly to Apple TV using AirPlay, according to TechCrunch. This builds on existing AirPlay features that include desktop mirroring for consumers who want to load flash-based video onto their Mac computers and view them on a television using AirPlay. Though no other streaming apps have been announced yet, it is safe to assume that Amazon is just the first of many to take advantage of this new, expanded AirPlay streaming feature.
Apple TV is leading the way as a device that can deliver content in a variety of ways. Though Apple TV began as a device that could stream content from native applications, it has morphed into an all-in-one machine that can stream content not only from its own applications, but also from browsers, mobile devices, and even the cloud.
Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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