Don’t let high traffic cause timeouts and lag during the holidays

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November 29, 2013

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The holiday season usually means very high traffic on the Internet, as shoppers take advantage of Cyber Monday deals and others buy gifts on their new smartphones and tablets. The holidays are not the time for content providers to let customers suffer through lag, timeouts, or slow download speeds.
A customer who tries to play an online game, stream video content, or make a purchase from a website that suffers from poor performance is not likely to return. It is vital for website owners to ensure that their site performs at its best during high traffic times. If they neglect to do so, they should expect to lose both customers and revenue.

Partnering with a content delivery network during the holidays
High-end Web content providers should explore a partnership with a quality content delivery network (CDN) to handle demand throughout the year, but especially during the high-exposure holiday season. A top-ranked CDN will build scalability into service offerings, allowing customers to access content without any hiccups or lag, even when the Internet overloads with traffic. Whatever the type of website — gaming, video content, or online shopping — performance easily scales to match the traffic levels.
The best CDNs enjoy access to the Internet’s most important peering points, ensuring that users enjoy the best Web experience no matter their location. Any latency problems caused by high Web traffic encountered during the holidays are easily handled using a CDN’s Web acceleration features. A combination of intelligent caching and high data transfer rates keeps streaming performance top notch.
It is important for Web content providers to realize that high traffic during the holidays can lead to poor latency, disgruntled customers, and a loss of revenue. By using an industry-leading CDN, companies can ensure that, as Internet traffic scales, their site’s performance doesn’t take a hit. Happy customers lead to a happy holiday season for everyone.
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