Insurance mobile apps for business and homes make organizing easy

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May 12, 2014

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Spring is in the air, and with the new season comes spring cleaning. Luckily, insurance companies are making this process easy and fun for their customers by providing new mobile apps for business and home inventory that offer creative solutions for those warm-weather cleaning and organizing activities.
Facing a potential home or business move? State Farm has an app that helps keep track of everything that has been packed, giving users a virtual packing list for every room in their home or office and helping them stay on top of recommended tasks. Liberty Mutual has built a mobile app that assists in creating an extensive home inventory, which can be useful in processing property insurance claims in the case of theft.
American Family Insurance has a similar app that stores the documentation of belongings on the cloud so users can access the information from any device with an Internet connection. Allstate’s inventory mobile app helps estimate items’ value, which can be extremely handy as customers categorize electronics and other valuable items purchased months or even years before. Even non-customers can take advantage of these helpful mobile apps.

Partnering with a content delivery network can keep customer information secure
Of course, with all of this sensitive information being collected and categorized, customers may be concerned about the security of these mobile apps for business and home inventory. Not only is an archive of treasured belongings stored in the cloud via these applications, but the value of these items and their exact location within the home or business is stored as well. If security were compromised on any of these apps, valuable possessions could become vulnerable to theft. In the wrong hands, these inventories make customers ideal targets for break-ins and burglaries.
Partnering with a content delivery network (CDN) that offers protected delivery through a secure socket layer certificate as well as an md5-shared secret system to generate protected links will ensure that clients have proper validation before accessing private information. Industry-leading CDNs also offer an HTTP rules engine and referrer blocking, which allows you to deny access to HTTP requests that do not originate from your website. This is especially important, since visitors originating from uncertain destinations could be attempting to gain unauthorized access to the site and data.
With these additional security measures in place, there is no reason customers won’t want to take advantage of these new mobile apps from insurance companies. As the industry evolves and moves into the digital era, more creative apps are expected to make spring cleaning easier and perhaps even enjoyable.
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