Mobile apps allow users to process accident claims with insurance companies

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May 6, 2014

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A growing number of insurance companies are allowing customers to use their smartphones to process accident claims in an effort to compete in an increasingly digitized customer service world. Many car insurance companies are developing mobile apps to make it easier for their customers to record accident details and take pictures to assist in the claim process on their mobile devices.

How mobile apps help in accident reporting
By using a mobile phone with an app preloaded with the customer’s car insurance information, an individual can log all the details of an accident in real time. Some applications even offer assistance by calling 911, taxis, or towing companies, and verifying the location of the incident.
Removing the stress from the accident reporting process with this customer service technology is highly appealing to customers, and these apps are easy to build and integrate into current systems. Customers can more thoroughly document an accident immediately, giving insurance companies all the information they need to process a claim, making the process easier for all involved.

Top mobile apps for car insurance customers
According to Tech Cocktail, GEICO’s app is one of the most user-friendly interfaces currently on the market. Not only does it report accidents, but customers can access digital proof of insurance, communicate with voice assistance, and manage their policy on their mobile device. Esurance has a similar app through which customers can make payments, update contact information, and change their coverage options.
Even smaller companies are getting in on mobile app development. For example, My Everett News reports that McClain Insurance recently unveiled an app that provides its local customers with the ability to integrate insurance information from multiple carriers, allowing them to access all their insurance information in one convenient application.

Mobile apps present opportunities and challenges
Getting in an accident is a scary experience, so companies must ensure speed and reliability so these apps are an asset, not an added stressor. Customers would likely be frustrated if they complete all the reporting steps — taking pictures, recording the location and other driver’s information — only to have their phone freeze as they submit their claim. There is no way to know whether the data was retained, let alone submitted.
As insurance companies venture into the world of mobile applications, the risk of losing a customer due to a bad experience rises along with the benefits of providing a worthwhile digital solution. Add in the higher levels of stress customers are experiencing during an accident, and there could be major retention issues. Insurance companies can benefit from partnering with a reliable, industry-leading content delivery network (CDN) to reduce lag time or downtime when their customers need it most.
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