New video game systems focus content providers on performance

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January 27, 2014

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The recently released Xbox One and PlayStation 4 video game systems usher in a new era of home entertainment. While the companies’ previous models — the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 — provided video-streaming functionality, this feature is an even larger selling point of the new systems. As a result, content providers that host rich media content on the Internet need to be on top of their game to ensure their console customers receive industry-leading performance.

Lagging videos are unacceptable
When a user turns on their Xbox One or PS4 with the intent to stream new videos from Netflix, YouTube, or another major content provider, they don’t expect poor performance — and, generally, they don’t get it. On these major websites, online videos at resolutions up to full 1080p HD typically perform flawlessly. Improved stream quality is just one of the reasons the latest comScore Video Metrix report showed that 188.2 million Americans watched 52.3 billion online content videos in December.
Any smaller companies that host video or other rich media on their websites need to know that their potential audience is more discerning and will not stand for slow-loading content or stuttering videos. If they encounter substandard performance, they’ll quickly move on to another website. According to the New York Times, users are less apt to revisit a website that’s only 250 milliseconds slower than a competitor’s site.
Expect users leveraging their next-generation gaming systems for online video content to be more attuned to poor streaming performance than the average Internet user. Businesses that provide video content on the web need to ensure the best possible performance for today’s consumers; partnering with a leading content delivery network (CDN) is a great way to make that happen.

A CDN ensures superior video-streaming performance
The technology advantage provided by a top-ranked CDN makes sense for businesses hosting video content on the Internet. The rollout of new video game systems that offer streaming video in addition to game play means there are more pairs of eyes now demanding top-quality online media, as the comScore report revealed. The best CDNs offer use of the Internet’s leading access points, resulting in easy content delivery no matter where a viewer is located.
A CDN offering seamless scaling of bandwidth ensures that as an audience grows, video performance doesn’t suffer. When it comes to rich media content delivered online, don’t expect your customers to wait for subpar online video performance to improve. An engaged audience means more potential customers.
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