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November 13, 2013

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When it comes to purchasing digital movies, users have plenty of options. iTunes is the most popular service for downloading digital content online, but competitors like Vudu and Amazon have certainly been making strides.
Now, a new competitor has emerged on the scene: Target Ticket. This new service, tied to big-box retailer Target, is going after these services. Instead of offering downloads of new releases, this service will provide a Netflix-like streaming experience, according to the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal. The result is an “a la carte” streaming experience that allows users to build their own library of content that they can stream from a variety of devices.
Target is hoping that the streaming aspect will give them an edge over competitors, such as iTunes, that make users wait for downloads before they can purchase content. With Target Ticket, once a video is purchased, it can be instantly streamed quickly and reliably to customers—no download required.
Currently, Target Ticket has 30,000 movies and TV shows available for either purchase or rental. The service also supports the Ultraviolet digital copy service, which means that digital copies purchased alongside physical media can be moved to a user’s Target Ticket library at no additional cost.
As for devices, Target Ticket supports PC browsers, iOS and Android mobile devices, Roku boxes, the Xbox 360, and select Samsung-made TVs and Blu-ray players. Apple TV is noticeably absent from the list of compatible devices, but Target says they are working to add more devices to the lineup as the service grows.
Though there are plenty of digital distribution channels available for consumers to rent and purchase media, Target Ticket may be a viable option for those that are not heavily invested in another digital content ecosystem. Though its instant streaming capability does make it an attractive option for users who want to purchase video, but prefer the simplicity of the Netflix interface, it may be difficult for this new service to make room for itself in an already crowded landscape.
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