Tech companies need to optimize software delivery and downloads: How CDNs can help

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August 7, 2014

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The halcyon days where software programs were delivered on compact discs and DVD media are gradually fading away—remember the floppy disk? However, despite this evolution, software is not actually getting any smaller. Embedded video, audio, and other media content are making the install size of most programs increase at an almost exponential rate.
Tech companies that provide software to customers are faced with a dilemma. They need to provide web-based delivery of their software programs, as well as any updates, while maintaining the file size for this software. Only the best content delivery networks (CDN) solve this dilemma.

Leveraging a CDN for fast web-based software delivery
Tech companies that offer online software to their customers need to ensure that clients are able to download the software in a timely manner. Slow or interrupted downloads are an easy way to make a customer unhappy, and you can be sure that word of these issues will spread quickly and discourage potential customers.
Leveraging a CDN for software delivery is a more practical way to improve download performance at a minimal cost than trying to make on-premise technology investments at your own company. Letting the experts in the field work their magic allows your firm to concentrate on writing great software.

What a CDN provides to software companies
In addition to 10 times the improved download times, CDNs also offer other tangible benefits to software providers. Unlimited scalability ensures that as your customer base grows, your download performance doesn’t suffer—no matter the size of your software. Security is handled easily using URL/referrer blocking as well as tight control to subscription-based content.
It is vital for tech companies to put their best foot forward when offering online downloads. Partnering with a quality CDN like CacheFly is a smart move to ensure your customer base remains happy and continues to grow.
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