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February 11, 2014

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Top ranked podcast and leading netcast network, TWiT.TV began in 2005 and soon thereafter, grew immensely to 5 million worldwide listeners per month with plans to increase show production. As tremendous as this was, TWiT was faced with an even bigger challenge: finding a solution to offload their single-location servers and increase bandwidth capacity to serve podcasts to high volume traffic, worldwide.

Founder, Owner and Host of TWiT.TV, Leo Laporte, lamented, “In the early days we were trying all sorts of crazy schemes to fill the need: BitTorrent, listener mirroring and so on…we really weren’t a viable company until we solved the distribution issue. Not having a way to get our shows to our listeners was like having a radio station without a transmitter. Needless to say the jerry-rigged solutions we relied on took an immense amount of effort to maintain and still caused endless problems for our audience.”
TWiT ran the risk of losing a significantly growing audience to slow downloads and timeouts, pushing the popular netcast network to seek a quick and easy solution to provide a faster, more reliable means of distributing audio, podcasts and HD video. TWiT chose the CacheFly Content Delivery Network (CDN) to take the burden off of their servers and the rest is history.

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